Model power, pay tribute to the excellence | Kaiyu injection molding machine held the first quarter outstanding staff commendation meeting

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Life is wonderful because of struggle, and bright because of struggle. Kaiyu injection molding machine, adhering to its mission, is pragmatic and practical, learning from excellence and honoring the example.


Because of struggle, so happy, because of struggle, so shiny. On April 11, Kaiyu Injection Molding Machine organized all employees to hold a morning meeting to commend the employees who performed well in the first quarter of 2022.



According to the achievement of various business indicators in the first quarter of 2022 and the assessment indicators of each department, combined with the comprehensive indicator standards, six colleagues with outstanding performance in the first quarter were selected and awarded the quarterly outstanding employee honor certificates and prizes. They are respectively (from left to right): Ling Rongmei, the representative of outstanding employees of the Procurement Department, Qin Caichun, the representative of outstanding employees of the Finance Department, Fu Lang, the representative of outstanding employees of the Technology Department, Ma Jingning, the representative of outstanding employees of the Machining Workshop, Li Han, and Liu Dinghe, the representative of outstanding employees of the General Assembly Workshop.
The values that Kaiyu has always adhered to and practiced are commitment, pragmatism and innovation. The reason why they are excellent is that they never forget to work hard and struggle. Under all kinds of heavy pressure, they stick to their goals, overcome difficulties and try to break the situation to solve each problem. Although it is hard, it always maintains a positive and optimistic attitude.



Xu Jun, general manager of Kaiyu injection molding machine, also made a speech at the meeting, pointing out the significance of the recognition meeting. The achievement of the company's performance goals can not be separated from the efforts and efforts of each worker in each department of the company. They should commend outstanding employees, encourage each worker with the power of example, stick to the goals, be brave to take responsibility, and forge ahead, so as to make persistent efforts for the company's business improvement and development in the next quarter and create another good performance.
The following is the commendation of outstanding employees of Kaiyu in the first quarter of 2022. Ranking is in no order, according to the number of strokes of the surname.


       1. Ma Jingning, outstanding employee representative of machining workshop
What will it be like when a person dedicates almost all his time to his work? We can see the answer from Ma Jingning, an excellent employee of the machining workshop. Just like the word "respect" in his name, he is a very dedicated and hardworking worker. With more than 20 years of industry experience, he knows as much about rotating shafts, cylinder heads and other machine parts as he knows about himself. Due to the high precision requirements of some parts, they need to be processed and manufactured in strict accordance with the drawings. Therefore, no carelessness or roughness is allowed in the production process, which requires more time, effort and patience. In this way, day after day, year after year, the workshop became his second "home". It was his strict requirement to reach the goal on time and in quantity, even in advance. When referring to the work objectives of the next stage, he said that he would make persistent efforts to do his own work well and make contributions. Practicality is Kaiyu's precious value. Ma Jingning is really practicing, challenging himself and paying tribute to the outstanding!


      2. Fu Lang, outstanding employee representative of the Technology Department
Young and promising, with a long way to go, is Kaiyu's evaluation and expectation of Fulang's important role in the work of the technical department and in the operation of the whole company. The electrical system is one of the important structural components of the injection molding machine. The work that Fu Lang needs to undertake includes the adjustment, testing, training and even after-sales inspection and maintenance of the electrical control equipment. On the one hand, he strives to improve the design, research a feasible scheme that is more convenient for on-site operation, and on the other hand, reduce costs and promote efficiency, constantly break through limitations and continue to explore in the technical field. When the customer finds that there is a problem with the machine but cannot find the cause and needs remote guidance or door-to-door service, he will patiently communicate, repeat the test, and constantly try a variety of solutions until the final proper solution.
In the face of problems, some people may only see troubles and complaints, but in Fu Lang's view, it is another experience of skill improvement and a ladder for their own progress.


        3. Liu Dinghe, excellent employee representative of the general assembly workshop
Liu Dinghe, one of the outstanding representatives of the workers in the final assembly workshop, "Keep on working and work hard". This impressive acceptance speech, simple but powerful, roared out the ambition and toughness of the assembly workers. The matters to be handled for mold locking parts are complicated and even boring. Those with burrs need to be repaired, those with iron blood rust need to be cleaned, and those with dust and oil stains need to be wiped. After the day's work, their blue uniforms have completely turned black. Even if their hands are wearing thick gloves, they can clearly see that their hands are dark and covered with oil stains that have been infected to the nail seams. Maybe many people think that these jobs are dirty, bitter and tiring. If they encounter a situation similar to the breakage of core components, it will involve disassembly, repair and reassembly, ranging from 3 to 4 days to more than a month. Even so, Liu Dinghe has never complained in any word during the whole chat process. He always listens and communicates with each other with a kind smile and a gentle voice.
It is said that if faith has color, it must be Chinese red. Here, if there are colors in the production workshop, it must be blue and black. Tooling blue is a battle gown, while black is not a stain, but a battle record.


       4. Li Han, the representative of outstanding employees in the general assembly workshop
"You should understand what others understand, but you should understand what others do not understand." This is the most impressive sentence left by Li Han in the short interview process of more than ten minutes. It is simple, but very concise and practical. After more than ten years of working as a workshop monitor, Xiaobai has also been a highly demanding and aggressive person through his own exploration of principles, comparison of structures, summary of learning, continuous practice, and smooth mastery and application. Every day, like Li Han, the background color of his blue overalls has disappeared from his helmet to his safety shoes, leaving only black. Although he rarely smiles, he can see that his eyes are firm and confident. This is the power of example and the charm of ordinary people.


       5. Ling Rongmei, Excellent Employee Representative of the Procurement Department
Ling Rongmei is the most genial and sunny person among the outstanding quarterly employees who were praised. Laugh the most sunshine, but bear the most pressure. Affected by the epidemic, the logistics in some areas has been stagnant, the logistics of purchase orders has been blocked, the prices of raw materials have been rising, the supplier has changed the way of delivery, etc. In the face of all kinds of difficulties, Ling Rongmei still kept calm, spoke mildly with all parties, tried every way to calm the feelings of all parties, overcome many obstacles, and ensure the timely arrival of castings, motors and other large and small accessories. The ability to be modest, positive and optimistic about everything is a quality that many workers need to learn.


      6. Qin Caichun, Outstanding Employee Representative of Finance Department
When faced with the new job transfer, many people will feel anxious and at a loss. Tan Caichun's choice is to ask for advice with an open mind, not be ashamed to ask questions, and continue to improve. To check the details of receipts and payments, we need to be meticulous to the decimal point. Under the line of banking, many outlets run back and forth, from the statement and account details at the beginning of the month to the salary verification and payment at the end of the month, to the tax treatment at the end of the month. Through a little exploration and patient learning, she has completed the transformation from a petty financial expert to a proficient one. She used her efficient work efficiency and professional business ability to ensure the smooth progress of the company's financial related business. Qin Caichun has won applause and growth with his diligence.
Behind the small certificate, there is a brilliant light that you have never found. Life is wonderful because of struggle, and shining because of struggle. No matter big or small, no matter noble or humble, I hope you and I can find their own light in small and small places, pragmatic and enterprising. Kaiyu will also continue to uphold its mission, constantly improve its products and services, so that customers can produce more high-quality and efficient products.