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Fully innovative and charming experience LK series center locking and servo control system

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Electro hydraulic injection molding machine

Lku series: thermosetting injection molding machine

Lu series: pure two board intelligent injection molding machine


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More than 50 years of injection molding machine design and manufacturing history

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The products are used in automobile accessories, electronic products, household appliances, PVC pipe fittings, 3C products, thin-wall products and other industries

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Auto parts

Electronic products

Electrical appliances product

PVC Pipe fittings

3C product

Thin wall products


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LKseries injection molding machines

LK injection molding machine with unique proprietary technology, suitable for almost all injection fields, this series of machine locking, injection and hydraulic electrical parts are modular design, can be tailored to different customer needs. The combination of the most cost-effective machine, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient professional.

Center clamping

Oil-electric compound injection molding machine

Thermosetting plastic injection molding

Unsaturated resin injection molding (BMC)

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Liuzhou kaiyu plastic machinery co., LTD is affiliated to liuzhou yuandao group, which was established in February 2001. Its predecessor is liuzhou plastic machinery general factory, with a history of more than 50 years of injection molding machine design and manufacturing, is the first group of state-owned enterprises to enter the injection molding machine industry, is also the earliest international injection molding machine brand.



Make life -- make the production of global customers more high-quality and efficient with excellent products and services.Wish to become a benchmark enterprise of Chinese special injection molding machine manufacturing by ramming the local and facing the international.

Values -- honor commitment and keep faith, be pragmatic and pragmatic, and forge ahead and innovate.

LU series