How to judge the sealing of vertical injection molding machine

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Sealing is the basic function of the machine. For injection molding machines, there are two aspects of sealing that must be paid attention to, namely, the sealing of the system pressure system of the machine and the sealing of the injection screw system. The poor sealing of the former causes system pressure relief, while the poor sealing of the latter causes glue leakage. Today, how do we judge its sealing?
1. How to determine whether the vertical injection molding machine is depressurized?
Use mold adjustment to tighten the mold too much, which means that the machine can keep high pressure mold locking but cannot lock. Adjust the pressure and flow of the high-pressure lock to the maximum, manually press the mold locking key and keep it pressed. Observe whether the pressure gauge can keep the pointer still. If the pointer does not slide slowly, it means that the oil pump has no pressure relief. If the pointer slowly slides, it means that the oil pump has pressure relief
2. How to determine the tightness of screw system (tightness of check ring/screw)
After the glue melting is completed during production, extend it for a while to make sure that the product and the runner system are completely cooled. Change the semi-automatic mode to manual mode to start the glue injection. At the same time, observe the screw position. If the screw moves forward slowly, it indicates that the screw system has glue leakage, otherwise, there is no glue leakage.