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Since the beginning of 2020, in the face of a major epidemic and a more severe market environment, Liuzhou Municipal People's Government and the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, in order to promote local economic development and promote mutual cooperation between local enterprises, Liuzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau Liuzhou Kaiyu New Product Launch Conference was held in Liuzhou Kaiyu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. on June 2.
At this conference, Mr. Qin, Director of the Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Liu Jianfa, Chairman of Yuandao Group, and Mr. Sun Fengting, customer representative of Liusu Kaiyu, delivered speeches successively. Xu Jun, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou Kaiyu, also gave a detailed introduction to Kaiyu's new products.
Liu Jianfa, Chairman of Yuandao Group, delivered a speech
After the commentary, Wang Ying, Deputy Secretary General of Liuzhou Municipal People's Government, Qin Donglin, Director of Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Liu Jianfa, Chairman of Guangxi Yuandao Investment Group, were invited to jointly cut the ribbon for the protagonist of today's conference, unveiling the mystery of LK series oil electric composite injection molding machines and LU series pure two board intelligent injection molding machines! This is the first official release of the two models, which also marks that Liusu Kaiyu ushers in a new development process. After ten years of sharpening, Liusu starts a new chapter.
Ribbon cutting ceremony
After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the guests at the scene began to visit the protagonist of the new product conference. At Yuandao Industrial Science and Technology Hall, the unmanned production of LU-800 two board intelligent injection molding machine was demonstrated. The whole process included robot picking up, video detection, product cutting, weighing, product classification, AGV car transportation, etc., which simulated the high level of unmanned automation of auto parts injection molding production; There is also a detailed demonstration and introduction of the injection molding MES system in the exhibition hall. Under the guidance of engineers, the guests at the scene also visited the workshop collectively and praised the latest products of Kaiyu, such as oil electric composite injection molding machines, high-speed machines, thermosetting machines, etc. displayed by Kaiyu!
Guest visit
As a leading enterprise in the industrial sector of Yuandao Group, Liuzhou Kaiyu continuously introduces talents from all sides, pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, and meets various needs of customers. The newly developed LU two plate and LK inverted central locking injection molding machines not only have independent intellectual property rights, but also sell well at home and abroad. Kaiyu is committed to the mission of "making global customers' production more high-quality and efficient with excellent products and services", and provides customers with better products and services.