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Lu series: pure two board intelligent injection molding machine
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Lu series: pure two board intelligent injection molding machine

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Lu series: pure two board intelligent injection molding machine has the following characteristics:
1. The mold locking cylinder is placed on the moving template, and the pull rod is fixed with the fixed template, so the service life is longer and the sealing is more reliable,
2. Super long opening stroke, suitable for large deep cavity products
3. Four hydraulic cylinders are used to lock the mold, and the clamping force is accurate and controllable
4. The high response proportional servo valve is used to open and close the mold. The movement of the template is stable and reliable, and the position repetition accuracy is ± 0.1 mm
5. Patent synchronous holding brake mechanism, fast and accurate clamping
6. Pure two plate mold locking structure, the largest space saving
7. The powerful load-bearing structure of moving formwork sliding foot and excellent anti tilting performance of moving plate make the machine run more stable
8. The patented slide foot side guide structure makes the moving template move more smoothly
9. 12 inch Austrian professional injection molding machine control system, friendly human-computer interface, powerful computing ability
Intelligent interconnection:
Real time online monitoring, remote upgrade, remote fault prediction and diagnosis.
Diversified molding process support
The excellent mechanical design structure makes the large-scale deep cavity products, low-pressure injection molding and multiple mold locking process perfectly realized on the injection molding machine
One stop injection molding machine production line
The injection molding machine is seamlessly integrated with the robot and other auxiliary equipment developed by our company, which breaks through the technical barriers of different systems in the injection molding production line, and provides the whole injection molding system products and services in one-stop manner, which makes customers more comfortable
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