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Packaging industry application testing
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Injection molding machine in the process of development has been in constant improvement, it gradually to energy-saving equipment transformation. However, if the injection molding machine wants to keep the smooth development, there is still a lot to improve, because there is still a big gap between China's injection molding machine industry and the developed countries' injection molding machine industry, we need to find ways to narrow the gap. Injection molding machine, also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic plastic molding mold made of various shapes of plastic products main molding equipment. Divided into vertical, horizontal, electric. The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic, causing it to eject and fill the mold cavity. The injection molding machine manipulator mimics some of the functions of the human upper limbs and can be automatically controlled to operate the equipment in accordance with the regular delivery of products or for the production of automated production tools. China's plastic processing plants in southern and eastern coastal regions are increasingly interested in robots, but injection molding machines are less than 10 per cent popular in the country. Robots ensure consistent operation cycles, improve quality, and are safer. With the rapid development of plastic processing industry in China, injection molding equipment is becoming more and more automated. Modern injection molding machines are often equipped with robots to improve production efficiency. The number of injection molding machines imported and exported in China was about the same, about 15,000, but the value of imports was $920 million and exports $350 million. Precision injection molding machine is mainly foreign brands, extrusion equipment in two-way stretch PET, membrane unit, precision medical catheter extrusion unit has also been the territory of foreign companies. It is necessary to develop the independent intellectual property rights of the domestic precision injection molding and extrusion equipment. On the one hand, it can replace imports, and also give China a place in the international high-end plastic machinery market. Traditional plastic machinery also has some potential in terms of energy conservation, because the previous design often only focused on independent production capacity. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, the production speed is not the most important index, the most important index is the energy consumption weight of the processing unit. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the mechanical structure design, control mode and operating conditions of the equipment according to the minimum energy consumption. With the increase of national energy saving strategy, energy saving injection molding machine is also widely concerned. The traditional injection molding machine is used in the field of energy-saving motor and frequency conversion motor. Servo energy-saving series injection molding machine, equipped with high-performance servo variable speed power control system, in the injection process for different pressure flow, make different frequency output and pressure flow accurate closed-loop control to achieve servo motor injection high-speed response and best matching and automatic adjustment of energy requirements. 1. Adopt servo controller, servo motor and other energy-saving devices with excellent performance. 2. Sensitive servo control system, quick start-up response time of 0.04S. 3. The closed-loop control composed of servo motor and hydraulic system is greatly improved compared with the traditional repeat precision model. 4. Reduce the impact of unlocking mold and extend the service life of mechanical parts and molds. 5, reduce the use of electricity, under ideal working conditions, the machine than the traditional injection molding machine energy efficiency up to 20% - 80% 6, the heat of the system is much lower than the traditional injection molding machine, saving about 30% of the cooling water, and extending the service life of oil seals and hydraulic parts. 7. Lower noise during operation than traditional injection molding machine. If you want to give full play to the injection molding machine its performance advantages, in the use of the process also need a lot of attention, be sure to follow the correct method to operate, to avoid some of the intentional occurrence.
The five main components of an injection molding machine and the role of each part
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The injection molding machine is mainly composed of five parts: injection system, mold closing system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, heating/cooling system, each part has its special role, any part of the problem will cause the injection molding machine can not work properly. Below we will look at the specific role of each part of the injection molding machine. (1) injection system Injection system effect: injection system is one of the most important parts of the injection molding machine, generally there are plunger type, screw type, screw pre-plastic plunger injection 3 main methods. Now the most widely used is the screw type. Its effect is, in a cycle of plastic injection machine, can be in the specified time will be a certain amount of plastic heating plasticization, in a certain pressure and speed, through the screw will melt plastic injection mold cavity. After the injection, the injection into the cavity of the melt adhere to finalize the design. Injection system composition: injection system consists of plasticizing equipment and power transmission equipment. Screw type injection molding machine plasticizing equipment mainly consists of feeding equipment, barrel, screw, injection nozzle part. Power transmission equipment includes injection cylinder, injection seat moving cylinder and screw drive equipment (melt glue motor). (2) mold closing system The effect of mold closing system: the effect of mold closing system is to ensure that the mold is closed, open and ejecting products. At the same time, after the mold is closed, the mold is provided with satisfactory clamping force to resist the mold cavity pressure caused by molten plastic entering the mold cavity, to avoid the mold opening, resulting in the bad situation of products. Composition of mold closing system: the mold closing system is mainly composed of mold closing equipment, mold adjusting organization, ejecting organization, front and rear fixed template, moving template, mold closing cylinder and safety maintenance organization. (3) hydraulic system The effect of the hydraulic transmission system is to supply power to the injection molding machine according to the various actions required by the process, and to satisfy the requirements of pressure, speed, temperature, etc., for each part of the injection molding machine. It is mainly composed of hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, among which oil pump and motor are the power source of injection molding machine. Various valves control oil pressure and flow, and then satisfied with the injection molding process requirements. (4) electrical control system The electrical control system and hydraulic system cooperate reasonably, which can complete the needling machine's process requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and various program actions. Mainly by electrical appliances, electronic components, appearance, heaters, sensors and other components. Generally there are four control methods, manual, semi-automatic, automatic, adjustment. (5) heating/cooling system The heating system is used to heat the cylinder and injection nozzle. The heating ring is generally used as the heating equipment for the cylinder of the injection molding machine. It is installed on the outside of the cylinder and tested by the thermocouple section. Heat conduction through the cylinder wall provides heat source for material plasticization; The cooling system is mainly used to cool the oil temperature, high oil temperature will cause a variety of faults, so it is necessary to control the oil temperature. The other position that needs to be cooled is adjacent to the feeding mouth of the material pipe, so as to avoid the melting of the feeding mouth and the abnormal feeding of the material. The above is the basic role of the five parts of the injection molding machine and the need to pay attention to the use of matters, when using the injection molding machine must pay attention to the use of methods, to avoid improper operation of the accident and failure.
Tell me something you don't know about buying an injection molding machine
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Liuzhou kaiyu plastic machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "kaiyu plastic machine") belongs to liuzhou yuandao group, which was established in February 2001. Its predecessor is liuzhou plastic machinery general factory, with a history of more than 50 years of injection molding machine design and manufacturing, is the first group of state-owned enterprises to enter the injection molding machine industry, is also the earliest international injection molding machine brand. After the conversion of the open space of the machine have inherited the past the good genes of state-owned enterprises: the complete management system and experienced r&d team, skilled front-line employees, long-term stability of customers, with strong research and development strength to create a complete industrial chain, production, sales and after-sales service to provide customers with injection molding machine processing of informatization and automation integration scheme of a complete set of quality services, the former state-owned enterprises increasingly coruscate gives new vitality. We are entering the era when customer value needs are constantly met. Return to the core logic of customer positioning, focus on the value needs of the mainstream customer base, and make clear the value positioning of customer needs, so that the products developed can have competitive advantages in the market. We uphold the "the prestige for this, quality for honesty, management first, service first" business philosophy, accurate positioning control product demand - an efficient management system and the management pattern, according to the characteristics of the polymer material, modified plastics for customized the special injection molding machine, let more stable product quality, raise the quality and efficiency of the customers, for customers to create unlimited value.
How to determine the airtightness of vertical injection molding machine
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Sealing is the basic function of the machine, for injection molding machine, two sealing must be a cause for concern, is the system pressure of sealing machine and the sealing of injection screw system, the former bad sealing pressure in the system, which caused bad sealing leak adhesive, today our question is how to determine the sealing? 1. How to determine whether the vertical injection molding machine is pressure relief? Adjust the die too tight with the die, that is, the machine can always keep the high pressure lock but can not lock. Adjust the pressure flow of the high pressure lock to the maximum, manually press the mold lock key, keep pressing and do not loosen, observe the pressure gauge, whether the pointer can be kept still, if the pointer will not slowly decline, it means that there is no pressure relief on the oil pump, if the pointer slowly decline, it means that there is pressure relief on the oil pump 2. How to determine the tightness of screw system (check ring/screw tightness) Melt glue finished in production, and extend for a while, determine the product and runner system completely cooling, change semi-automatic to manual, began to shoot glue, at the same time observe the position of the screw, if the screw slowly forward, that there is no leakage of glue screw system, otherwise there is no leakage of glue.
Hydraulic control of injection molding machine hydraulic system
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A. The hydraulic control of the injection molding machine hydraulic system, like the hydraulic transmission, includes the power element, control element and executive element, and also transfers power through oil. The different point is the hydraulic control with feedback device, the effect of feedback device output components is the implementation of the (displacement, speed, strength and other mechanical quantity) feedback back to the input quantity (can be change, also can be a constant), comparison with the deviation of control system, the components of the output of the changes over the amount of input or constant. It is a closed loop hydraulic transmission system, also known as hydraulic servo system or hydraulic servo system. B. The on-off or logical control elements are used in the hydraulic transmission system. For its control purposes, it is to maintain the stability of the set value or simply change the direction. C. Servo control element is used in the hydraulic control system, which has feedback structure and is controlled by electrical device. It has high control accuracy and response speed, and the controlled pressure and flow rate are constantly changing. Output power can be amplified. D. proportional control is a control between the above two, the proportional control valve is used in the on-off control element and servo control element on the basis of the developed a kind of electric - hydraulic control elements, some of the characteristics of both the above two kinds of components, is used to control the on-off type with the hand can't meet the requirements, but also do not need the servo valve on the hydraulic system as strict pollution control requirements of the occasion.
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