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Thermosetting plastic injection molding

Thermosetting plastic injection molding

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Thermosetting plastic refers to the plastic with the characteristics of insoluble and non-melting after curing after heating. Bakelite resin commonly known as bakelite or bakelite, appearance is tan or black, is a typical representative of thermosetting plastics. Phenolic resin molding often USES a variety of filling materials, the finished product has the characteristics of stability, heat resistance, flame retardant, electrical insulation performance, mainly used in the need of heat resistance, high voltage electrical appliances and other fields.
Liuzhou kaiyu is the earliest professional manufacturer of bakelite injection molding machines in China, with advanced technology and rich experience in the industry. Lk-u series bakelite injection molding machines can meet customers' requirements of various bakelite products
The lk-u bakelite injection molding machine has the following characteristics
1. Special electric wood pipe group, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, accurate temperature control, fast plasticizing, stable;
2. The fixed template and the moving template are made of high quality heat-resistant heat insulation plate, with no deformation at high temperature and high pressure and good heat insulation effect;
3, second open mold exhaust function, suitable for all kinds of thermosetting products molding;
4. According to the characteristics of thermosetting plastics, special injection mechanism is equipped with special servo energy-saving system, which has obvious energy-saving effect and higher efficiency;
5, the configuration of a single cylinder transfer, disassembly nozzle and daily maintenance more convenient;