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Center clamping

Center clamping

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       The clamping force of the hinged injection molding machine is transferred to the upper and lower sides of the moving formwork. After the high pressure clamping, the formwork bends and deforms greatly (as shown in figure 1), resulting in uneven wall thickness and even flash of molding products, resulting in waste of manpower and raw materials. Due to the structural characteristics, the clamping force is used less than 90%, or even lower.
       Liuzhou kaiyu LK series injection molding machines have an innovation center clamping structure, and the force points of the hinge are located in the middle of the tail plate and the moving template (as shown in figure 2 below), so as to ensure the horizontal transfer of clamping force to the mold, small deformation of the moving template, and few problems of uneven wall thickness and product flash caused by the machine, so as to achieve the best molding effect. Mold locking structure is reliable and durable, compared with the more effective protection of the mold, open and close mold repeat precision is high. The clamping force utilization is close to 100%. LK series injection molding machine can save 2 ~ 5% of raw material for most molds.